Gardening Service

If you are looking for a professional company that takes care of all the gardening processes in Mallorca, this is your place.

Garden design

We are dedicated to the design of gardens, especially the Mediterranean style, we stand out for the speed, seriousness and professionalism in all our garden design and creation work.

Pool maintenance

Pool maintenance with initial cleaning and set-up of the installation.

Chemical treatment and control of dosing equipment and parameters.

Complete cleaning of the glass, crowning stone, etc.

Pool maintenance with technical assistance with labor included.

Closure and preparation for the maintenance of swimming pools in winter.

Maintenance of water during the winter for its re-use

Preparation and maintenance for heated pools


Pruning consists of suppressing shoots and branches and is done for various purposes: Provide strength and vigor to plants and stimulate growth. Improve its development and flowering. To guide growth and provide a balanced distribution of branches


Overseeding is the process of establishing forage vegetation through the dissemination of seeds, in order to increase forage production, control soil erosion, and induce grassland improvement.

Automatic irrigation

Our professionals will plan the installation of automatic irrigation based on the design of the garden, type of soil, vegetation, etc.
We also carry out reforms in existing automated irrigation facilities, troubleshooting, tuning and any other type of service related to automatic irrigation.

Pest control

Solve your pest problem with the best possible service, we take care of people and ensure the safety of your home or your business. We have more than 15 years in the pest control sector, using the most innovative and effective methods and putting at your disposal a team of experienced professionals.


Telephone: +34 647 138 631

Schedule: M-F 09:00 a 18:00

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